Why it works

The strength of Carl

Kids are not the only ones who get sleepy during a road trip…
While driving it happens to get so relaxed that you start feeling sleepy like you can’t keep your eyes open. The quality of rest that comes from such conditions while driving is actually good, deep and long-lasting.
It is the natural effect of the vibrations, which induce you to sleep quickly.
The operation of Carl the Sleepy robot is based on the reproduction of such vibrations in combinations with visual and sound stimulations that exponentially amplify its effectiveness. Getting your baby to sleep has never been easier. And it’s possible to prove it scientifically.
Carl keeps your baby asleep directly in the crib, cot or stroller thanks to the stimuli that simulate a car ride.

Three stimulations
a single great achievement

Visual stimulation

What does it consist of?

The light on the front of the device reproduces a warm, soft and relaxing light. You can opt for fixed lighting, an excellent substitute for the more traditional bedside lamp, or for intermittent lighting, which simulates the reflection of the street lamps that surround the passenger in a moving car.

Why is it useful?

The baby’s sleep is regulated by melatonin, a hormone produced in the absence of light. However, letting your baby sleep in total darkness could make him feel abandoned and disturb not only his sleep, but also that of his parents. Contrariwise, the light from the bedside lamp risks being too strong and altering the biological nocturnal mechanism of the newborn.
A low intensity, warm and enveloping light source, instead, allows the baby to relax and stay asleep for a long time. Intermittent stimulation, in particular, creates muffled and relaxing, almost hypnotic pulses of light.

Movement stimulation

What does it consist of?

It transmits vibrations similar to those of a moving car. This is the most important feature, as it emits specific low-frequency vibrations that induce drowsiness, leading the newborn to fall asleep quickly and sleep longer.

Why is it useful?

The effectiveness of these vibrations has been confirmed by a research conducted by RMIT University in Melbourne. The team split 15 volunteer drivers into two groups, inducing low frequency vibrations (4-7 Hz) on only one group. The driving experience (carried out by a virtual simulator) showed different reactions between the two groups. After only 15 minutes the people subjected to the vibrations were much less reactive than those who had not received any stimulation, regardless of how rested and healthy they were.
The effect produced, if for motorists it is the cause of falling asleep, for infants it is a reproducible advantage in the comfort of home.
The vibrations emitted by Carl not only recreate the passenger compartment of the moving car but also the mother’s womb; they are therefore able to reassure and relax the baby, making him feel part of a family environment.

Sound stimulation

What does it consist of?

It is a set of sounds, comparable to those perceived inside the moving car, commonly known as “white noise”. Similar to a buzz / rustle, auditory stimulation has acoustic characteristics and transmits sound frequencies such as to relax the baby and make him fall asleep.

Why is it useful?

White noises represent the sum of all audible frequencies that mask the single most annoying sounds and synchronize well with the low frequency of brain waves typical of deep sleep. They are also associated by the newborn with the well-being and safety of the womb.
The sounds included in certain frequencies, therefore, if repeated with a specific cadence, regular and monotonous, favor the conditions of relaxation, numbness and sleep of the newborn.

No one
is like Carl

Carl is the first and only product on the market that groups the three stimulations in a single device. Maximum effectiveness, but also excellent versatility: it can be fixed on most baby equipment (cot, crib, infant car seat or stroller) and easily adapted thanks to its adjustable pliers.

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