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We are parents who, like you, know what it means to go to bed tired after a long day between work and family. Even more, we are familiar with that feeling of helplessness that kidnaps you at 4 in the morning when your baby does not want to sleep, whereas all you want to do is put your head on the pillow and collapse. And there you are, mentally organizing the next day between a yawn and a message you didn’t reply to.

It is with this spirit that we dreamed (yes, there would be no more suitable verb) and designed Carl, a technological success that we regret not being able to use during our (many) endless sleepless nights.
When you have a young child who does not want to fall asleep and let you finally rest, you will end up trying everything – until, after countless attempts and failures, you find a solution: the car! And so, night after night, you realize that only by loading your child into the car you can find some peace of mind: just a few kilometers and the magic is done, he stops crying and falls asleep!

Children fall asleep in the car

But why is a car ride so effective and very often the baby falls deeply asleep while in it?
This discovery is scientifically proven: the car in fact stimulates the passengers causing them to become numb & relaxed enough to fall easily asleep. The strong sensitivity of newborns does the rest.
That’s how we, exhausted but determined parents, decided to try this. We wanted to create a product that, by focusing on the evidence we had collected, would help moms and dads in difficult moments such as putting their baby to bed.

An idea that
became a real project

After planning, studying and repeated attempts, DormiBimbo finally arrived. We could call it a technological success with a single flaw: a non-optimal practicality of use. In any case, the project has attracted the attention of a major manufacturer of childrens and medical products that decided to invest and make the product more beautiful, functional and cutting-edge.

And here we are at the turning point: Carl was born. It combines the qualities of DormiBimbo with better aesthetics and greater practicality. The baby sees in him a sweet and friendly companion during his sleep; parents can use it almost anywhere thanks to its features, in total safety for the newborn.
We wanted to make sure that Carl was actually the product that was missing in every family. So it was time to test it: not only in the laboratory, but also with those who would provide the most realistic and important reviews – new parents.

A single product on the market

The results are clear: Carl is easy to use both inside and outside the home because it fits on most baby’s equipment. Your nights feel better and this means a better lifestyle, a greater productivity and, above all, a better physical-cognitive development for the newborn. We can’t wait for you to try Carl, especially for the social value it represents – for us and for all parents with a few hours of sleep in arrears. Your nights will no longer be the same! Remember: sleeping well means living well.

like Carl

Carl is the first and only product on the market that provides three stimulations in a single device. Maximum effectiveness, but also excellent versatility: it can be fixed on most products (cot, crib, infant car seat or stroller) and easily adapted thanks to its adjustable pliers.

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